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Rezmo is a 2D rhythm platformer that ties music rhythm with action game mechanics, creating a gameplay experience that's different from conventional rhythm game designs. By requiring players to identify music rhythm both with and without audio, Rezmo also simulates the condition of hearing loss via its gameplay, inspiring players to think about the impact of hearing loss on individuals in real life. 

Limited download access to the Special Edition of Rezmo demo from May 20 to May 27.

Individual project by Jianghao Sam Hu with all original art work and soundtracks.


Beat detection algorithm based of Beat Detection by DrXoo : https://github.com/DrXoo/BeatDetection

Thunder SFX source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-BOPr7NXME


*If you are sharing this game or your gameplay experience on YouTube or other platforms, please credit me and link back to this page. Much appreciated.

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