A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

K.U.N. is a 2D adventure game set in a distant future when the entire earth is flooded with water. Waking up in the middle of this apocalyptic world, the player has to find out what happened by exploring the surroundings, and to figure out what to do next under such a critical condition.

Minor bugs and lack of certain audiovisual assets might be experienced in this demo.

Designed and developed by:

Sam Hu, Tina Zong, Xincheng Huang, Sunny Pu, Wendy Wang, Sam Xu


*If you are sharing this game or your gameplay experience on YouTube or other platforms, please credit us and link back to this page. Much appreciated.


kun_demo_v1.2_mac.zip 102 MB
kun_demo_v1.2_windows.zip 97 MB


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Great game! I totally messed it up, but really enjoyed it! Great idea and i went a learned a little bit about chinese mythology after. Thanks alot, I made a video of my experience, hope you don't mind!