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Really interesting concept for a game! Loved working through the puzzle and seeing the story told in a unique way! 

I think this game really very interesting and I hope that it goes on :) Have the page and Homepage of course linked ^ ^ Good luck for the future and greetings from Germany

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Ollo! This was a very cool game, great atmosphere and overall aesthetics, and the simple gameplay didn't hinder the experience! I quite liked the story too even if you had to interpret a lot :P

I would have loved for there to be multiple endings, like if you could remove some objects (e.g. the knife) which would then change the outcome. The puzzles could also have been more complicated, but as mentioned it didn't hinder ther experience :)

I made a Let's Play on YouTube for anyone interested:

good idea game! gg


Have you ever seen the game Never ending Nightmares? Your games style is very similar 

Retrace - | FATE or DESTINY ? |

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Just got done playing your game and oh my goodness that ending was absolutely chilling, freaky and I did not, and it's apparent in the video I made. I did not see that ending coming, I was totally blown away. Anyway I tried to give your game the quality it deserved by making an edited video. Video will be up soon. My thanks for you allowing me to play it, it being a demo would make me think that a possibility for a new  ending could be possible???//

 When my girlfriend sees this video she is going to think weird thoughts lol

For a 72 hour game this was pretty sweet. Loved the music and the artwork. As it says demo then hopefully this is still being worked on and there will be more ?